Remote Learning Overview

In the event of a school closure due to lockdown or bubble closures, this page will be updated with learning tasks to complete daily. This page will be updated by 9am daily for every day a year group is not attending school.

Please click on each year group to find the remote learning per day. The learning should be completed in exercise books. During any bubble or school closures, our teaching staff will be creating daily maths, reading and English videos to support with learning at home. These will be made available on our YouTube channel with each year group having thier own specific playlist.

We will also be contacting pupils to check in and keep in contact. Calls will be made during weekdays during school hours to parents mobiles / homenumbers - they may also be from withheld numbers so please pick up so we can catch up and keep in contact.

Below is our calculation policies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division which is for each year group. This provides you with information as to how we teach the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to children, depending on their year group. Please use this to help with your home learning. We have also included other policies which might lso proof useful relating to remote learning.



Page Downloads Date  
Parents Code of Conduct Policy 22nd Oct 2020 Download
Addition Calculation Policy 22nd Oct 2020 Download
COVID 19 Addendum Safeguarding Policy Oct 2020 Maundene 22nd Oct 2020 Download
Division Calculation Policy 22nd Oct 2020 Download
Maths Calculation Policy 22nd Oct 2020 Download
Multiplication Calculation Policy 22nd Oct 2020 Download
Subtraction Calculation Policy 22nd Oct 2020 Download
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