Year 6

In the Autumn Term, Year 6 will be exploring our Global Theme of Sustainable Development.  

In English we will be looking at the core texts 'Gorilla Dawn' and 'Cimate Rebels'. 

In maths this term, we will be looking at place value building on prior knowledge. We will also be looking at the four operations, fractions, decimals and percentages.

In art, we will be creating gorilla paintings and sketches, as well as focussing on pixelated art inspired by Yoshiyuki Mikami. 

This term in PE, we will be participating in a variety of invasions games, as well as developing our dance and gymnastics skills. 

In science, our learning will be based around Living Things and their Habitats and Evolution and Inheritance. 

In Year 6, reading and times tables continue to be a priority. Parents can support their children's learning through reading and discussing the books daily, recording in reading journals and by supporting with times table practise.

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