Feedback from our School Community


Feedback from our School Community

School Visit Feedback

“Such an insightful day learning from Maundene School. Whole class reading has been integrated so well and the inference skills of the children were on point.”

“What a productive day! Blown away by the oracy strategies that have been integrated so well into whole class reading sessions. Such a warm welcome from the children and staff. Thank you.”

School 21


“It is very clear from your learning environment what a high value you place on the children’s work. You have high expectations and the children rise to those.”

Holborough Lakes Primary


Parent Feedback


“It is really useful to see how the children are taught. My child surprised me with his thinking of various texts.”

“It was good to know how they are taught and the words being used. It helps me to understand what my child is talking about!”

“I love these workshops, has given me a much better understanding of how to help at home. You even helped me work out fractions.”


Year 1 Tea Party for Grandparents

“I would just like to send a huge thank you for your kind invitation to attend the Year 1 morning with grandparents. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my grandson and his friends. It was lovely to be able to look at his books. Once again thank you very much, it was greatly appreciated and enjoyable.”


Year 4 Learning Exhibition

"The level at which the children are learning is amazing. Their understanding about world-wide issues is positive.”


Year 2 Reading Workshop

“Another great workshop. I really like the idea of the Bronze, Silver, Gold bookmarks. These will encourage my child to read of an evening.”

“I love learning how to teach my daughter (to read) in the way that you do too. She also loves us coming and joining in with her in school. It enables more understanding and connections between home and school.”


Professional Development Session Feedback

“Wonderful to walk around the classrooms and view the children’s learning. The children were a credit to the school.” 

“The children were so articulate during the guided session and when they answered my questions – a real credit to you.”

“Very clear session with real ideas to take back to school. It is obvious what a positive impact your approach has had/is having on the children.”

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