Year 3


Year 3

In the Autumn Term, Year 3 will be exploring our Global Theme of Sustainable Development. 

In English this half term, we will be reading 'The Tin Forest' and 'Garbage Guts'. 

Within maths, children will consolidate their knowledge of place value this term in order to identify, estimate and order 3-digit numbers. They will then be using concrete, pictorial and abstract representation to be able to count forwards and backwards in steps of 50 and 100. We will also be looking at number and money and multiplication and division as the term progresses. 

In science, we will be learning about rocks. We will focus on how rocks are formed and testing rocks for different uses. We will also be developing out knowledge and understanding of Forces. 

In history, we will be researching the stone age. We will be looking at their architecture, use of tools and how that impacts us today.

In art, we will be creating tinfoil leaves and also creating clothes using recycled materials. 

PE will focus on gymnastics and invasion games. 

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