Parent Workshops

Throughout the year parents are invited into school on a Friday morning for a Learning with your Child Workshop. This is an opportunity to listen to the teachers to share a short presentations on an aspects pf learning and then for the children to come into the hall to work alongside their mums, dads, grandparents, carers, etc. These are usually very well attended and the children love seeing their adults and working alongside them. Dates and times are on our school newsletter and will also be sent out to parents vai email/letter. 

We aim to hold at least 2 workshops per year group each academic year. 

PowerPoints of the sessions will be added below:

Parent Workshops 2020

Here you will find here some Powerpoints or videos of workshops that parents can use to help support their child with their learning at home.  

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Year R - - Writing in the Early Years 

    - Phonics

Year 1 - - Phonics 

    - Reading

Year 2 - - Phonics 

    - SATs

Year 3 - - Reading

Year 4 - - Times Tables

Year 5 - - Maths 

    - SPAG

Year 6 - - Maths

    - SATs

    - SPaG

Parent Workshops 2019

Here is a list of all the Parent/Child Workshops that have been conducted by each year group since September 2019. Please click on the applicable link below to view the presentation:

Year R    Phonics Workshop 

             Writing Workshop

Year 1    Phonics Workshop  

             Maths Workshop

Year 2    Maths Workshop 

             Reading Workshop 

             KS1 SATS Information Workshop

Year 3   Reading Workshop 

Year 4   Maths Workshop

Year 5   Maths Workshop

Year 6   Maths Workshop 


Whole School  Character Skills Presentation

                     Child Mental Wellbeing Presentation

Parent Workshops 2021

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