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Maundene Primary School

School Priorities

As a senior leadership team, we have been working on outlining our core priorities for this academic year 2023/2024 and sharing these with staff, parents and children so that there is a relentless, joined up focus.

Our core priorities are:

* To enhance the curriculum further across all subjects to empower pupils to reach their full potential. 

* To embed and extend leadership development by creating a safe environment which encourages experimentation and risk taking to drive school improvement. 

* To strengthen purposeful links and further engage the local and wider community, in order to develop enrichment opportunities for pupils and families. 

* To ensure that staff take personal accountability and adopt a forensic approach to support the most vulnerable pupil groups by identifying and addressing the needs of all.

* To reduce barriers which enables all pupils with SEND to achieve from their individual starting points and ensure that communication with all stakeholders is effective. 

If you do have any feedback, this can be emailed into the office or please feel free to speak to any member of the senior leadership team.