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Maundene Primary School



Name Role
Miss Joanne Capes  Headteacher 
Mrs Lucy Jackson Deputy Headteacher
Miss Fiona Byrne SENCO
Mrs Hollie Read Year R Kingfishers Class Teacher and EYFS/Year 1 Leader
Miss Angela Kasabi  Year 4 Owls Class Teacher and LKS2 Phase Leader 
Mrs Rebecca O'Connor  Year 6 Eagles Class Teacher and UKS2 Phase Leader

Teaching Staff

Name Role
Miss Chrissie Magill  Year R Doves Class Teacher 
Mrs Amie Parker  Year 1 Finches Class Teacher 
Mrs Gemma Leach Year 1 Kestrels Class Teacher 
Mrs Karen Rattle  Year 2 Blackbirds Class Teacher 
Mrs Nicola Howard Year 2 Robins Class Teacher 
Miss Shauney Pomphrey Year 3 Woodpeckers Class Teacher 
Mrs Chloe McClelland and Mrs Jo Weston Year 3 Falcons Class Teachers
Miss Deanna Ellis  Year 4 Ravens Class Teacher 
Miss Hannah Keightley Year 5 Jays Class Teacher 
Mrs Charlotte Macey Year 5 Swans Class Teacher 
Mrs Chloe Rattle  Year 6 Ospreys Class Teacher 


Teaching Assistants and Support Staff 

Name Role
Mrs Michelle Eden  Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Clare Lovell  Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Karan Barker Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Kelly Rixon  Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Debbie Bolton  Teaching Assistant 
Miss Danielle Shannon Teaching Assistant 
Miss Ellie Clarke Teaching Assistant 
Miss Rebecca Heath  Teaching Assistant 
Mr Harry Lawrence  Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Rachael Baker  Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Cat Lowe  Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Naomi Worthy  HLTA
Mrs Jennie Cook  Apprentice Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Colette Clout Apprentice Teaching Assistant 
Miss Claire Reed Midday Meals Supervisor 
Mrs Claire Driver Midday Meals Supervisor 
Mrs Jane Maloney Midday Meals Supervisor 
Mrs Kelly Fraser Midday Meals Supervisor 
Mrs Anna Court Midday Meals Supervisor 
Mrs Karen Jones Midday Meals Supervisor 
Miss Shanice Sherritt Midday Meals Supervisor 
Miss Kim Bearman Midday Meals Supervisor 
Mrs Karen Furness Midday Meals Supervisor 
Mrs Rachael Beckley Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs Mayze Lee Midday Meals Supervisor 
Mrs Vicki Salter  Midday Meals Supervisor 

Office Staff and Premises Staff 

Name Role
Mrs Carla Osment  Administration Officer 
Mrs Emma Spice  Administration Assistant 
Mr Mason Levey Premises Assistant 

Inspire Partnership - Medway Hub 

Name Role
Mrs Karly Hartnup Medway Administration Manager
Mr James Ryan  Medway Premises - Maintenance